01 November 2012

Will travel for hot sauce.

You guys, Artifact, the morning/mid-day food and coffee spot opened by the most amazing people of Woodberry Kitchen has us considering a move to Baltimore.  We went last weekend after my FOURTH trip to the Baltimore Ikea for the same damn floor lamp.  The trip was a success, we scored the lamp ('bout time) and then filled with excitement, and absolutely no food, we went bananas and ordered/bought just about everything we could see on the Artifact menu.

After lunch (grilled cheese with pickles, tomato bread soup, egg salad sandwich) and coffee (a dirty pumpkin) ... and maybe dessert (I can't remember) we continued our gluttony and came home with some Snake Oil (the best hot sauce possibly ever) and Pickled Carrots.

I'm making plans to go back ... weekly.


  1. Ooh, I've never been. This sounds like a fun road trip...

  2. I love Bmore. Love Woodberry Kitchen. Love Artifact. Such awesome foodie goodness!

  3. this preggo could use some grilled cheese with pickles.