20 November 2012

Meet Anna.

If you follow me on Instagram, this is old news.  But if you don't WE GOT A PUPPY!  Miss Anna is nearly five months old and only a little bit annoying.  She was a rescue filled with worms (a lot of worms) and instalove for Frances.  She followed me around non-stop for the first month and for the first week I had to have my hand INSIDE HER CRATE the entire night or else she'd loose it and no one would sleep.

Now she follows Frances around all of the time and sleeps happily in her crate on the other side of the bedroom.  She absolutely needs a morning walk and an afternoon run in order to not drive me up the wall.  Turns out yelling "I FUCKING HATE YOU TWO" does not stop the wrestling over toys.  It's never mean, just typically taking place on my feet while I'm trying to work, and possibly even on a call. But this means I'm running again and that is not a bad thing.

Frances doesn't yet LOVE Anna, but we're getting there.  Anna is allowed on the couch and the bed (Frances was in charge of the inviting, yes we have zero control of our older dog) and sometimes, SOMETIMES, she's even allowed in my lap at the same time as Frances.  There has been one instance of cuddling and it was brief, but now that it's cold outside I have high hopes that it will become a regular thing.  There has been no fighting, which has been a relief, and a lot of food sharing.

Frances is far more active, the house smells much more of farts and we're back to having to schedule our outings around a puppy that needs to be let out every four or so hours.  All in all it's been a pretty good thing.

Oh and possibly the best part, her actual biological sister lives just a couple of blocks from us.  THEY HAVE PLAYDATES.  It is adorable.


  1. 1. i'm still not convinced she's actually real. i mean, how is it possible for anything to be THAT cute.

    2. i loved everything about this post.