24 January 2012

couch v. chairs.

so, we bought a house that is too small for a couch.

space enough for a couch is apparently something you do not notice when you spend a total of one hour in a property before you decide to BUY it.  plus, what kind of living room isn't wide/long enough for a couch?!?!

or maybe you do notice that kind of stuff, but we certainly don't.

anyhow, we bought a chair and a half (dolphin, not orange) before thanksgiving and have since decided it was a bad idea.

now we're on track for a four chair living room.  1 // 2 - walnut // 3 - cream, not the color shown // and 4????  we're still looking for the fourth, and haven't even seen our current three together in real life.  this could actually be a wonderful disaster in which we end up with five (and a half) chairs that go nowhere in our domicile.

oh, and we're thinking super wooly cable rug, will we regret that once summer comes around?  so.many.questions.

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  1. jesus christ i wish i had your furniture budget!

  2. @ anon - it's called ebay and warehouse sale STALKING. we're not really that fancy.

  3. I'd suggest getting at least 2 of the same chair, if you want to avoid looking like a chair showroom.

    Another, comfy option is to get a BIG and high ottoman. If it's flat enough on top, a tray turns it into a coffee table if you need it. Or a couple of bulky pillows like this: http://theselby.com/11_4_10_AndyKateSpade/slides/11_4_10_AndyKateSpadeE44762.jpg

  4. hmmm... me thinks you need either a lounge chair or rocker to add an unexpected element. maybe something like this? you can always reupholster, if you're not sold on the fabric.

    i was actually at west elm a couple months ago, and was quite impressed with the quality of their upholstered pieces. i was a little surprised because i've always thought pottery barn seating to be total crap (and not just because it's not my style), so i was expecting the same considering they're the same company. we're dying for this couch (in the steel blue performance velvet), but with a cheech that likes to drool and rub her messy hands over EVERYTHING, we're holding off for a couple years.

    p.s. do you think we can start pushing for "unexpected element" to be the new "pop of color"?

  5. You are right BrigittaR, putting two different kinds of sofa or furniture in one setting of your house will make it look like a furniture store... hahaha

  6. The couch looks great though the chair looks pretty impressive too. I love all these furniture. I wish I had them in my house.

  7. Couch are more comfortable. I love your color choices though. I love the combination of gray walls into mahogany wood chairs. It blended perfectly.

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  9. Combine chairs as well so you can come up with more seating options if you don't have a large couch.