30 September 2010

we paper people should maybe pass these out free.

because the world (at least the american english speaking world) needs to figure this one out, like now.

{most excellent bag by sapling press available here}


  1. Yes.

    Also, perhaps you could talk to my gym about a similar issue? They're always offering "complimentary massages". I'm curious to try one and see if they actually do spend the entire massage telling me how amazing and fabulous I am. Because then it would be accurate.

  2. Apologies, beautiful Rachel, but that one actually means both denoting praise AND supplying free of charge. A tricky one, to be sure. Maybe the massage is both?!(In fact, why don't massages come with flattering remarks? Should be standard.)

    Cevd? You are my hero. The worst is when the PAPER PEOPLE get it wrong.

  3. i could totally go for a complimentary massage right now... one that comes with loads of compliments.

  4. New to your blog, and following for sure. I looove stationary products. AND THIS BAG!!!

  5. ^ I can't believe someone wrote "stationary products" in this comment thread. I would have been so careful to spell it correctly.

    (is it weird to comment on super old posts? I was creeping your blog for bag inspiration - you have some fabulous finds!)