20 September 2010

happiness comes from a neckline or a shoulder harness.

and not from a kind of, not exactly what i wanted, really that is a what you call a trim(?!), haircut.  it's back to a bun and not long hair for the next month (or two or six!).  THIS is why i should have waited until i was back in california, i know.

ok, so it will grow back.  and it's not horrible, just awfully short ... kinda thinking i should have just gone ahead and chopped it.  i mean what is the point of not long/not short/somewhere in the odd blunt middle hair?

{rachel comey jackpot top via creatures of comfort; shoulder strap/jacket/skirt bibhu fall 2010 collection}


  1. I am so distracted by that top (is that SMOCKING on the shoulders?!) that I'm having a hard time focusing on your problem.

    But I feel for you. In between hair sucks, and no hair stylist should intentionally give it to you. At least it's winter and not summer? I feel like hair always ends up bundled away during the winter.

  2. I concur. A shoulder harness is true happiness.

  3. It's seems like long hair was out and short hair was in this season because of the fact that it accentuates the neck and shoulder of woman which is kind of sexy.