23 September 2010

why don't we have two of these?

we tend to live in small places in small towns.  we don't like for things to get too big, it leaves too much to clean and too much that is never lived in.  so, what is the point?  that being said we also have four bikes between us, and if i had it my way it would be at least five*.  anyhow they all live out in the shed because we have nowhere inside to put them.  that could change.  our pretty bikes could be hanging on our walls under our pretty books or pretty flowers or pretty sculptures.  i like this very much. 

*two mountain bikes, two road bikes and i long for one of those cruisers everyone is talking about these days, unfortunately our small towns are not very bike lifestyle friendly.  they tend to be 20 miles from the grocery or in the south where people seem to want to kill you (just don't see you) if you are exercising in public.

{bike shelf by knife & saw via cool hunting}


  1. Um, gorgeous. Sadly, I'm not sure how well it would work with D's road bikes, which have a slanted bar in the center (which probably has a name I don't know about).

  2. Oh, wait. I'm backwards. I think it's my road bike that is slanted? I don't know. I'm kind of a reluctant biker (terrified of cars).

    Either way, gorgeous.

  3. I love these! We have too many bikes and my husband is always picking up more bike orphans, but maybe they could be on display???