17 August 2010

tuesday. part II.

so it is august 17th and i have spent four nights in our house this month, FOUR. before august began i had planned one trip, a long weekend in chicago.

how four nights away turned into four night at home i have no idea. more to come in a little bit.

{1. surprise trip courtesey of mas 2. the three dresses i packed for ONE dinner (i was so close to going black until i remembered i was going to eat myself silly and ended up wearing the white one) 3. course number 12 and an all time fave at the previously mentioned dinner.}


  1. Oh, I definitely want to hear about your Chicago trip and where you ate. Too much good food in that city. (Why did I just move away from there?)

  2. Did you eat at Alinea? Dyyyyying with envy. Chicago is my favorite North American city, especially in the summer.