14 May 2009

virginia johnson

this ever so wonderful scarf arrived i my mailbox last week and isn't it WONDERFUL? i just died when i saw it i love, love, love it. elephants? um yes. surprise gift? um yes. wow i am one lucky girl.

oh and maybe the second best part of receiving this scarf ... the discovery of virginia johnson, her textile are fabulous. i love them all. i am even thinking of having my friend, the dress maker, make me a little something from pink hydrangea and grey racing (as in together on the same dress ... i might be crazy but it might be perfect). that is once i am back to buying clothing - i seem to be on a not exactly panned hiatus, which means there is all of a sudden a ton of stuff that i am just dying to have ... oh yeah and a trip to new york coming up in ONE DAY!!!


  1. ohhhh I love that print!! I'm from cali but im at school at alabama and of course our mascot is an elephant. and this is so cute! even our colors. love!

  2. ahh...jealous! I love virginia johnson and I love elephants! you are so lucky!