06 May 2009


we didn't have a wedding cake because mas and i are kinda hard core dessert people and honestly, we have never had a piece of wedding cake that we would have bought if we were say just out to buy a cake. how could we in good conscious serve our favorite people in the entire world something that looked pretty but was just mediocre in taste? we couldn't. so we had four small cakes made by people we love and things turned out so well.

HOWEVER, if we had been getting married anywhere near brooklyn we would have forgone the making of the cakes in order to have one made by these guys. baked offers wedding cakes and i can't imagine anything more scrumptious, i mean have you ever made one of their recipes? or by chance swung by for a cupcake? (i haven't been by but it is so on the list for my new york trip) anyway if you aren't in the new york area, i say grab the cook book and make your own (mas and i made our chocolate cake and well it was fantastic).


  1. yum, yum, yum. now I rarely meet a piece of cake i don't like - my standards must be pretty low - but these people do it up right.

    I'd like to try the ones that were good enough for you to serve!

  2. love what you did for your wedding. i am not so much a wedding cake person.

  3. i love what you did. so much more meaningful.

  4. I love the yellow cake with green and blue polka dots. It's simple and fun without being childish.

    Very nice design.