12 May 2009


i don't usually use that word to describe anything except for weather but when i clicked through a tweet by this lady and saw these shoes i couldn't imagine using any other word. though i must say if i had the amount of cash to pony up for these beauties i would also have a couch in my living room ... or maybe i wouldn't i mean they are freaking fantastic.


  1. oooh, they *are* hot! Couches are over rated. We have two and I'd swap them both for those shoes.

  2. Tears of laughter are rolling down my cheeks! That whole conversation began when Anne of the City Sage was saying her new spacious (closet laden apartment) made her feel like shopping ---

    So I gave her a few suggestions for decor of her closets: http://www.abcddesign.com/?p=110 and followed up with things to buy to fill all that empty space.

    I adore that it became a post on your blog! You're right ... the only word that truly reflects those babies is HOT!