26 May 2009

skipping monday is my favorite thing.

so i'm back along with mas and frances. it was a wonderful trip, and honestly i cannot believe that it is over. there was the NSS, which oh so beautiful paper provides pretty good overview of, then maine for a quick trip to say happy birthday to my brother, which was just so lovely, and on down to north carolina for the bbq and some family time, oh my it was just so wonderful in asheville - green and lush and FILLED with trees. i miss it already...

but now on to things that i found while away ... because honestly there was a lot. first up ... dunderdon. my mom and i happened upon this shop while wandering around and both of us fell in love with the simple fabrics and ridiculous attention to detail. dunderdon was started by a sweedish carpenter who was focused on design and construction. the line isn't huge but every piece is perfect. oh and their boys clothing is wonderful.


  1. Your trip sounds amazing. I'm obsessed with Asheville, oh ans NY & Maine are pretty high up there for me too. It all sounds just heavenly right now.

  2. Welcome back! And thanks for linking to my NSS posts - I literally covered the entire floor, but still somehow managed to miss a couple of booths. Boo.

    I'm sorry we didn't manage to meet up in NYC - maybe we can arrange a rendez-vous in Asheville someday? I'm hoping to get my Yankee husband down to the "real" South (I'm from Florida) someday soon.