29 June 2009

our new house

so we are moving, i think. it gets a little complicated and there are some nasties involved, but that is hardly the point, i mean i have already picked out a color for the bedroom walls ... so you know ... it better work out.

anyway we are downsizing significantly which means giving the big heave ho to all of the things that have been sitting in dark corners un-used for who knows how long (woohoo!). and it also means no guest room. but there is a lot of very pretty flat land and one spot in particular that mas and i were thinking would be perfect for a guest tent - who needs a room when you can have a tent?! then while over on frolic! i found these tents and kinda started thinking ...

{tent by beckel canvas products}


  1. Then you would LOVE these bell tents:

    I saw them some time ago on another blog and just swooned!

  2. tents!! that is such a great idea.

  3. I think you need one of these -


    or one of these -


  4. yea for downsizing! can i be a guest in that lovely tent? i REALLY havea thing for tents.

  5. Congrats on the upcoming move!!!