29 June 2009


yeah, it is about that time. i would *really* like to purchase a new pair of sneakers. and being in new york and having the days free to wander aimlessly (well minus the work i need to do) isn't helping this urge at all.

and how bout these? um yes. not white, which while i really want i can't handle the brightness when new and the dirtiness when old, but still pale and a killer purple sole. um ok. perhaps they will be my birthday present to myself? a month early?

{zuriick sneakers available in a plethora of colors and styles here}


  1. So jealous that you are sneaker shopping in nyc RIGHT NOW. Tweeted you the best places we hit in December:

    Perhaps you will recall I was on a tear?

  2. mm very pretty. you could also consider them a souvenir!

  3. i really like these. also always love pumas and converse. xo

  4. Love these - and they look really comfy!