08 June 2009

over the weekend

it was a very good weekend. one of those that flies by because every second is accounted for ... but not all of those seconds (not even most of them) were given up to mandatory things. for example saturday started with a trip to the farmer's market, a breakfast of huevos rancheros (yum), a mad clean up of the house so we could show it to perspective renters, and finally dinner and the us soccer game.

then yesterday my oh so caring husband insisted i get some bike time at altitude. mas is highly concerned with my ability to acclimate*. it is sweet, and makes me smile. anyway since the prius was in the shop with some ridiculous brake problem we had to take the fancy car. and well you see, we use our prius as truck and our fancy car is one of those where the top folds down and there is a pretend back seat .. not meant for the hauling of anything bigger than say golf clubs.

but we used our geometry skills and ended up with two bikes in the wee back and about four hours of hair blowing in the wind. the bike ride was lovely, if not a bit more difficult than my norm, and a fair send off to dear grover who is now on her way to boulder, co. then we stopped at the burger barn located in a town of about 500. it was interesting and not too shabby.

all in all it was a pretty good time, and now i just have a million things to do before i leave on wednesday.

* about two years ago we drove from chicago to the grand canyon and on our way stopped in keystone for a few days of biking etc with mas' parents. the first day we arrived i was on my ass. as in headache, nausea, and basically bed ridden. i blame it on being in horrible physical shape and not drinking nearly enough water ... all of our subsequent trips have been fine, but he keeps thinking about that one time.


  1. wait, renters?

    a) where are you going? and b) do you get to *repaint* a whole new house??

  2. OK. I'd like to know where you are too! I think altitude? And then you say boulder! I'm from Boulder, yippie! But then I thinks you're not in boulder. Oh well, acclimatization is good anywhere I guess.