01 June 2009

ballerina, chanel

my childhood dream of becoming a ballerina never exactly panned out. (i guess a class or two would have helped me along the way) but i am still obsessed with tutu's ... and feathers which by this point you should know. anyway ... can a tutu be any better than the one designed by karl lagerfeld for elena glurdjidze? i don't think so.

more images here and then a pleasant little video here (though you must scroll down a bit to 05/27/09 to see it).


  1. Ha! Me too! I was the only girl in my family who didn't get ballet lessons. I am still a little bitter about it and still obsessed with all things ballet:) Though I have two left feet and a bit of a rhythm problem so I am not sure if lessons would have helped:) Hee! Oh that video is SO pretty!!!!!

  2. I made it through a couple of ballet lessons when I was six. When they told me I couldn't get toe shoes until I was 12, I immediately quit. What's the point of prancing around in regular old slippers?

  3. I maintain that one can be a pretend ballerina. Which I why I twirl a lot.