17 November 2009

i've only ever had 1 iphone case

and it was so pretty ... but not very useful. every time i dropped my phone the case would break or crack. so in the end, it was COVERED in wood glue. which made it, well, not so pretty. anyway i am a pretty staunch believer in the naked iphone (hello beautiful product design) but i do understand that phones are dropped places they really shouldn't be (some more than others) and therefore need some kind of cushion*. so if you are one of THOSE people that insists on covering up the prettiest phone in existence, then might i suggest one of these?

that's right, threadless is making covers, and pretty cool ones at that. so if you must ... please do it prettily.

*i've had my phone since day 1 of the iphone and it still works ... though there are some gashes in the metal and the corners are all dinged up. i drop my phone a lot ... even in frances' water bowl once ... threw it in rice for an hour and it was back to new. so you can't tell me cushion is necessary.


  1. I am so with you! Why do people cover them up with hideous lumps of rubber? I've dropped mine umpteen times and it still works a treat.

    Naked iPhones all the way!

  2. and, i hate when ppl cover the screen to prevent scratches.

    cause looking at the scuffed up shitty screen cover is better than looking at a scratch?


  3. i'm against protective covering too. I like my iPhone to be neked and free.

    But that feather one is kind of pretty.

    Good luck with the move!