09 November 2009

things i am going to miss : part 1

when we moved to california i remember a friend telling me that my shoe options would be ridiculously greater because of the lack of any kind of inclement weather. and you know what? she was absolutely right. it doesn't snow and has rained a total of maybe 4 times since we have been residents. in fact the only thing that has ever really come in to play while picking out my shoes has been how much sand we might come in contact with. so life has been good for my ballet flats and suede boots.

but now we are going south, where it rains and even snows a little bit. the temperatures will be colder in the winter (no flats - or heels for that matter - without socks) and warmer in the summer (goodbye flip-flops ... if my feet get even a little bit warm flip flops will destroy them with blisters). so while i think i might still have to have these :

i did manage to step away from these while shopping in santa barbara last week. i mean really i am getting ready to go to winterland, i DO NOT need any more sandals ... right?

{ps - there is nothing on the first page of notcouture today that i don't wantinmyclosetrightnow}