09 November 2009

things i am looking forward to : part 1

rain boots. remember everything i said earlier? well it can all be negated by the fact that i can finally justify a pair of hunter boots. i've wanted a some for ages, but it just did not seem like a good way to spend the dollars. but now, with a rainy season, i think that is all going to change.

now all i have to do is settle on a color ... hmmm.

{silver pair found here}


  1. Oh so funny - I've just this morning purchased a pair of these (black). Now I can happily jump in puddles - love the silver ones!

  2. those are just delicious! i have yet to be able to justify my 4 time per year wear here (AZ). have you seen the ones with the cute Sherpa lining?!?

  3. yay!! everyone in stockholm seems to be wearing these lately. and i was surprised how they wear them-- with a dressy coat + tights! it looks super cute!!

  4. are you telling me I can't have a pair b/c I live in LA?? I. want. them.

    I seem to have outgrown my Tretorn rubber boots. nobody warned me my feet would s p r e a d from wearing flip flops every day :/

  5. i love em.

    gilt group just had some on sale... i cldnt freaking resist. Rainy season has come and gone here in Miami. Don't ask me why I felt so compelled to buy woodsy tweedy looking ones. I want to love just to wear my boots all the time.


  6. After much scouring for deals, I just ordered the same pair of boots from the QVC website for nearly half the price. Just a friendly little shopping nugget for you!

  7. I love mine. They make me very brave about very deep puddles. As in, "What puddle? Hahahaha."

    The poor mothers in my neighborhood do not like my boots, however, for their children feel that they should be able to walk into knee-deep puddles if I can.