06 November 2009

i've got big news ... mammoth big

mas and i are moving. there i said it. we will no longer (at least for the time being) be residents of the west coast. in 13 days we will be putting the press in the prius (at least i think so) and heading east ... far east ... like east coast east. well southern east coast ... as in north carolina ... as in fayetteville, north carolina.

we are moving for his job, which we knew was coming, but only found out about two weeks ago that it would be so soon (we had our bets waged on the summertime). so, needless to say we have been a bit crazy as of late. but things are looking up ... mas now has his number one dream job, and i finally had to hire someone to help out ... who turns out is the loveliest of ladies. she will go by ajb, you will meet her, and you will like her, i just know it.

so for the next week and a half i'm going to devote my blog to a bit of what i will miss, and then a bit of what i am looking forward to, maybe most of which will be my monthly trips back to ca ... bi-coastal kind of? that sounds so fancy. well that and bbq i am so looking forward to the bbq. frances also enjoys the idea of being within 5 hours of her grandparents, she loves them, maybe the best.

{picture of an animatronic 2/3 size wolly mammoth and then actual size skeleton taken on my most fun jaunt with esb this past weekend}


  1. Wha??? What's happening with the shop then?

    PS I want some BBQ right now.

  2. the shop stays open with ajb at the helm and i come back to meet with clients on a ridiculously regular basis...

    and then we open another shop on the east coast!

  3. Oh please oh please open a shop in fayetteville. My entire extended family lives there and I would love to get to see your shop when i visit them! Good luck on the move!

  4. oh my gosh!!! that is crazy! good luck...

  5. I'm doing just the opposite of you soon! I'll need some advice. I'm an east coast girl in Florida, born and raised in the south, and now moving to California after the new year! :)
    I love North Carolina though. I'm jealous. Come and check out my blog (for the time being) though on all things Southern. It'll get you back in the mood. I love love love Carolina. We did a feature on North Carolina week back in August. Maybe it'll give you some inspiration/excitement. (http://sweeticedtea.wordpress.com/2009/08/20/north-carolina-week-southern-comfort/)
    Love your pretty pretty paper. Please keep it up! :)

  6. omg, ok. now i get it. i just had to go read thru a million blogs i haven't read in forever. when i have time off, i don't sit in front of the computer...so i'm so behind on blog posts!!!!!

    now i get it...bi-coastal sounds chic.

    congrats on everything and good luck!!!