10 November 2009

things i am looking forward to : part 2

sunrise biscuit kitchen. we will be about an hour away but something tells me that won't stop us from spending many a hour in the raleigh/chapel hill area. this makes me smile. oh and so does bbq and so does sweet tea (did i mention that before?).

{ps my lame north carolina ass only found out about the above mentioned biscuit kitchen by way of wide open spaces ... i'm from WESTERN north carolina, i never really traveled east except for field hockey camp and there were no biscuits at field hockey camp. and on that note we would gladly be accepting any and all recommendations for eastern nc}


  1. I'm glad you are coming to NC! I'm in Salisbury but great food can be found in every NC town.

  2. If you go on a Sunday, be prepared for a line! That's how good it is!

  3. Field hockey camp. Brings me back. Too bad there weren't biscuits.

  4. Nice to find someone else who played field hockey. My Mom moved down to North Carolina from Ohio five years ago and you do have some super sweet tea down there!