07 December 2009

southern pines, north carolina.

i'm back, for a while, i think. you see we still are homeless but things are looking better than they were about a week ago. we found a house we adore, now we just have to play the waiting game ... which is my least favorite part. especially when it means that i am stuck with the same three sweaters and two pairs of shoes that are neither weather appropriate nor regular life appropriate (sue london ballet flats and vans with red hearts on them). no matter, i am thoroughly looking forward to the second christmas we will have once we finally receive all of our housewares. it will be a ton of fun.

{the house we are hoping for, isn't it a delight??}

for now though we are living in a limited wardrobe while wandering the area. and when i say the area you should know that i am not speaking of fayetteville exactly but more southern pines. we found a tiny town that reminds us of where we grew up and we think we might be incredibly happy there. and they have a fresh market, which isn't the whole foods/trader joe's combo that we were hoping for, but hey let's face it, in a small city in the south we are lucky to have anything other than a food lion.

oh and did i mention the fried pickles? and the cute little ice cream shop that was more than willing to add a dollop of eggnog ice cream to my coffee while recommending a local pizza and thai place? people are so nice in the south. how in the world did i forget that?


  1. I know the feeling, fingers are crossed for your new house!

  2. that first photo is so dreamy, i could cry.
    lots and lots of luck, waiting is awful!

  3. good luck!! the area - from the pictures - gives me a happy feeling...it looks like home, if that makes sense.

  4. oh lala southern pines! my sister lives there, sweet charming town. in fact that house your bidding on looks very much like hers...which will be up on the market very soon....