09 December 2009

um, well, yeah

here i was talking about being back in the swing of things and then the weirdest thing happened ... we moved to our second temporary lodging location only to find that THEY DON'T PROVIDE INTERNET ACCESS. what the hell? who doesn't have at least ethernet cords?? i'm not picky i don't NEED wifi, even if i like it the best, but no internet at all?!

anyway, we are still hunting for our house ... the first one fell through ... something about a better offer? i don't know who wouldn't want mas and me to live in their childhood home (aka super cute house), we are the ideal tenants for cute houses! we love cute houses. what better offer could there be?!

+ happy wednesday, i got you some balloons. very, very cool balloons. {via flickr} it is wednesday right?


  1. sad,
    I hate when that happens, we have been out bid more times than I care to mention.

  2. maybe they heard that you repaint EVERY WALL?

    but no srsly that's a huge bummer. stupid house probs needs repainting.

  3. that sucks, we went thru the same thing a few months ago and have put looking on hold. don't you wish they could pick you based on your awesome personalities? :)