10 December 2009

thursday at the shop

well hello. please allow me to introduce myself. my name is ashley {ajb}, and I am the lucky girl in charge of cevd's flagship shop in los alamos while she and mas are out searching for the perfect abode in nc. if any of you lovely readers are in the area please do stop by to say hello in person.

just a side note meant to entice you all to visit me at the shop... it's raining! i am loving it and if you were here, you would love it too. it doesn't happen very often in this area so when it does, i get absolutely giddy. any day where one can dress like the morton salt girl is a good one in my book.


  1. we only got one day of rain in LA. I kinda wished it would last longer ;)

  2. I happened through Los Alamos a couple of weeks ago, only drove down the main road, and didn't see the shop. i'll look harder next time.