22 December 2009

new year's dress

do you have one? i don't, but i want this one. i think it would be perfect.

on a different note, our furniture arrives today, in OUR NEW HOUSE! it is adorable, i love it, and we even have a perfectly sized fenced in frances yard. now all we need is a name for the house, because i don't think i like living in structures that aren't properly named.

{dress, dvf, via shopbob}


  1. I honestly just fell in love!! That dress is beyond Gorgeous! I'm not sure if I can even come up with a proper desecrpition for it. Its just....Wow!

  2. hm. we'll be in joshua tree (er, pioneertown) having a small party with friends we are renting a little lodge with. fancy dress or no?

  3. do you have some fancy party to go to?? I secretly hate new year's. so much pressure.

  4. so pretty to look at.....there are so many fantastic ones out there that it makes you wonder why celebrities often dress like crap.