14 December 2009

long over due

i must admit, i have been sitting on the updated images for the cevd website for a couple of weeks now. what can i say? nothing i know. but here is a sneak peek of what is to come on the site in about a week.

{the rsvp and envelope from the most wonderful mrs.kellie's wedding}

{a papel inspired paper set}

ps - isn't ashley the sweets? i am so happy to have her around, and you guys ... she is on blog duty every thursday! yay!

{all photo styling by chelsea who has a pretty amazing tartan table on the blog right this minute, and all photos by lisa warninger ... duh, who else would i trust with my pieces?}


  1. And MINE maybe? We have to chattttttt.... I have a new years post to write then :)

  2. Hello! Can you please tell me who made the papel inspired paper set? So original and perfect for my wedding. I want!

  3. hi Evelynn.

    I made the papel invite "), and am quite happy you like it. send me an email : christine{at}cevd{dot}com and we can chat.

    ps - the site has been updated with more pictures...finally.