16 December 2009

while we were away ...

frances and i made a trip yesterday, a trip to asheville to see my parents and take advantage of a house completely decorated for christmas. i am here to bake and she is here to absorb all of the attention (and food) that she doesn't get when she isn't around her grandparents. its been quite fun.

a sneak peek into the holiday goodies my mom and i are preparing together (in her multiple ovens and with her most amazing array of kitchen gadgets) :

-chocolate chip cookies (duh)
-chocolate macarons (hoping)
-cranberry scones
-parmesan scallion scones
-apricots soaked in cardamom syrup (despite the fact that we could not actually obtain green cardamom pods we are improvising)

i might leave asheville a good 5 lbs heavier than i arrived. oh the joy of the holidays.

oh and i forgot to mention the most important part of our time away. mas may have secured us a home ... an actual little house with a circle drive (umm .. sort of) and a big yard for the frances. we might even be able to move in this weekend. happy christmas to us!

{frances stole an early christmas present that might be a tad large}


  1. Frances is sooo adorable! Good luck with the house!

  2. Yay congrats, good luck, we are looking at a house this weekend that seems promising.

  3. i want to snuggle frances' face off. it is tooo cute to function.