03 February 2009

this is who i want to be today

but instead i threw on a pair of slightly clean jeans and an obama shirt my mom sent me a while back. working from home certainly has its perks on those oh god do i really have to get dressed days.

{photo from i.anoton's photostream}


  1. so...
    I shouldn't be wearing my slightly dirty jeans and obama shirt to the office?

  2. also... I was curious.
    Do you outsource your letter pressing or is it something you do in house?

    I would check out "the way it works" on cevd but.... :)

  3. Gorgeous. And hey, I'm impressed that you put on jeans to wear at home. Honestly, I think I would never change out of my sweats.

  4. lovely and ethereal. I'd like to be her too.
    PS: I'm still in the t-shirt I wore to bed last night...

  5. I went on a brief kick last fall where I put on a cut outfit before I sat down at the computer. It felt so good. But here I sit in my robe + dirty jeans....


  6. so,so pretty!

    (and I LOVE that so many of the other comments sound so similar to me... )