11 February 2009

taking a time out to get a bit personal.

ok, ok feel free to skip over this if aren't her, as she was really the only one who asked. here it goes ...

10 random facts :

1. i was born in california, left when i was three, moved to texas, left when i was 12 and lived in north carolina until college. once in college i lived in dallas, denver and savannah. after college we moved to chicago and then to california. now we are looking at another move in about a year and after that who knows ... but i am pulling for france, japan, new zealand, or hong kong.

2. i cannot stand it when people leave their windsheild wipers on after the rain stops. it drives me insane. in fact, and this is beyond bad, i have been known to reach over and turn them off for the driver. (i am not proud of this)

3. mas and i met in 7th grade. we went to a tiny school and had 32 people in our graduating class. we didn't start dating until senior year.

4. i listen to npr pretty much all day long via the radio function on itunes.

5. i have an obsession with everything apple but *try* not to take it too far ... which turns out is a lot easier when on a tighter budget.

6. instead of discussing baby names mas and i have a running list of dog names ... as soon as we have a yard frances will no longer be an only child.

7. eating good food with good people is my number one favorite thing to do.

8. at one time, not very long ago, i was a level 67 night elf druid in one of those mmorpgs. after mas took the bar i pretty much quit the game, much to the disappointment of my brother.

9. i would prefer to go to bed at 10.00 every night

10. i believe in creative grammar ... in case you hadn't noticed

i am tagging amanda. IF you want to participate i will look forward to your random facts ... but please don't feel obligated.


  1. I always turn the wipers on and off for captain. It drives me crazy when it starts to rain and he won't use the wipers!

  2. indeed it is east side. my dad had what one would call a mild obsession with them.

  3. They inspire obsession. We have a friend with a 70-something Honey Bee.


  4. I'm tagged. Yay. Will play next week after I think of 10 things I haven't already touted. xo

  5. i have a major problem with people leaving their wipers on too long too! thought i was the only one like that! i think its the sound of wipers squeaking across a dry windshield that makes it so bad. drives me batty!

  6. Yay! wipers: me too. also? npr ALL DAY.

  7. we should start a how to use your windshield wipers club ... you know to spread the good word ")

  8. great photo, and car.
    poster cabaret

  9. I think a wiper generally consists of an arm, pivoting at one end and with a long rubber blade attached to the other. The blade is swung back and forth over the glass, pushing water from its surface