13 February 2009

beer - yummy pretty beer

i was one of those girls that didn't like beer for the longest time - thank god that is over. it turns out there are a lot of yummy beers in the world. and it also turns out that there are a lot of really cool beers out there in the world. but these beers have to be the coolest. i mean every time i see them i buy them. but um ... sweet stout ... why have i never seen you?? i kinda like the way you sound. i believe jamie will recognize these.via the dieline via notcot


  1. I love nest beer! (That might not be the actual name, but it's always what we've called it). I was a no beer girl for a long time, and now I am a major beer snob and usually opt for beer rather than anything else. How does that happen?

  2. rachel - i'm not sure how that happens but i am glad it did ... hooray for yummy beer.