20 February 2009

happy weekend

i hope everyone enjoys their saturdays and sundays. any plans? i am pretty sure we have mac n' cheese and the oscars on the agenda. but other than that ...

we might play with some balloons because i have been seeing them EVERYWHERE and kinda like the way they look in pictures. (image above found here)

i might also die over this dress and these boots.

a new book club has sparked my interest.

we could use a few of these for our upstairs porch (couldn't everyone???)

and i just found this site thanks to meg. and why didn't i know about it before?? i have no idea.


  1. I friggin LOVE GoFugYOurself. Hilarious!

  2. How *did* you not know girlfriend?

  3. I'm so with you on the balloons. I am obsessed with them and just did a post about them myself!