27 February 2009

i am absolutely going to do this ...

the grover beach photo project! did you see this over at a cup of jo? or maybe the original atlanta photo project? i love this idea. however i think my version is really going to be the san luis obispo photo project because grover beach is, well, kinda not super cool. we have had one pair of flip flops (mas') and one pair of chacos (mine) stolen from the beach. who steals shoes from the beach?!?

ps - this is the second squished faced dog with his tounge hanging out that i have seen in the past month. i am thinking frances needs a friend (ahem ... mas ... hint, hint).


  1. I've taken this exact same picture...without your dog of course! :)


  2. I know! Cool, right? I may have to do this tomorrow if it does not snow.

  3. french bulldogs are the best. We have one at the Apothic and changed our life