26 February 2009

i am a child at heart

well, actually more of a 13 year old girl ... or maybe 12? this characteristic of mine means that i have read the harry potter series in its entirety four times (that would be three times for the american version and one for the british version ... i own both). it is maybe my favorite imaginary world to visit. i just cannot get enough. whenever i find myself in a lull reading wise i go back to harry. i. just. can't. help it.

so when i saw these i had to post them. you see harry is too near and dear to ignore this. they were designed by m.s. corley for fun (i.e they are not available now, nor are there any solid plans for them to be available in the future, though plenty of hopes). you see this is what can happen when you forget about the one days.

found on oh so beautiful paper via black*eiffel


  1. Hi Christine - I was PSYCHED to see this post...I am just about to start the 5th HP book (first time ever reading these) and most of my friends think I am a total loser for loving them.

    Whatever - Hogwarts 4 Life.


  2. Don't feel bad, I've read the series a couple of times too! Narnia is my favorite fantasy escape of all time though :)

  3. I love the HP series too! Is there a difference in the text between the American and UK versions?

  4. nole - there is actually quite a difference in text. i think i prefer the uk version ... it is just more in the spirit of things.

  5. I've read the American versions many times. Possibly 6?! Eek. They're like a good friend, and pure escapism if you need it. And they're not just for kids, but really good stories about people, good and evil, life, and love. What I like best is that the grown ups are not always right, and JK really remembers what it's like to be a kid!

    Those graphics are great though!

  6. oh my goodness.
    can we start a petition to ensure that they will one day be available?
    i need this in my life!

  7. i don't even know how many times i've read the Harry Potter books. they never seem to get old with me. i've never seen these before and i LOVE them. thank you for sharing.

    p.s. i really enjoy reading your blog :)