05 February 2009

we are officially central coast residents

last night mas and i attended our first pick up party for our first winery club and let me tell you it was fantastic. in case you were unaware the central coast is a little beach and a lot of wine. and with a lot of wine comes a lot of wineries which means ... there are an awful lot of wine clubs you can join.

our first membership came to be just a couple of weeks ago while we were out on a sunday wine tasting excursion. we signed up they sent us a letter and then we went for appetizers and tastes before picking up our four bottles of wine last night. did i mention that is was fantastic? well now we are going to begin collecting wine at a ridiculous pace and mas and i are the type of people that don't own a wine wrack.

so i am thinking a small section of wall (or counter top) covered in a few of these ...

{felted wine rack available at horne}


  1. First time commenter. Love your blog!!

    I also love wine but don't own a wine rack. I really like this one from Target...


  2. oh my ash that is AWESOME!!! and so affordable. thank you so much for the link, and the comment ")