09 February 2009

new color obsessions ... and i mean OBSESSIONS

it happens to me a lot. i get a tickling for a particular combination of colors and all of a sudden my every day life is transformed. recently i had been really feeling the kellly green and dark grey ... but this weekend it changed, in the blink of an eye ...

hello my dear grey, bright blue and wee bit of red (um i guess this post should have made me realize that things were changing). i have been seriously thinking about painting our currently non-existent dining room chairs in a blue just a bit darker than the one above, but then toggle back and forth between grey and chalkboard paint as well. oh the choices. maybe i will just go ahead and change ppp's colors and call it a day?


  1. My whole house is gray, bright blue and a wee bit of red. It's my fave.

  2. LOVE the color combo and think that chairs would look fabulous painted blue. Be sure to show us pics if you end up doing it!