24 February 2009

hello old friend

so in case you didn't know, i went to school for photography (shocking i know, my photo skills are poor at best these days). for a year or two after i graduated i tried to keep on top of things but it was hard and incredibly discouraging. plus i don't really get along in the digital world. while i can use photoshop and my digital camera ... it doesn't make me happy like film makes me happy. so it as a career disappeared and then it as a hobby slowly slipped away (boo!). but not anymore. as a part of my plan to no longer be a lame duck (more to come later) i am bringing photography back into my life. i have a stack of slightly expired 4x5 polaroid film and figure i might as well start there. that is once i remember how to use my light meter.


  1. omfg! this is my life story.
    I miss using my 4x5 dearly.

  2. I went to school for English.

    Eff that.

  3. yay! i don't get along with digital either. then again.. i know nothing about film photography either. i think that's why i like polaroid. it's the easy way:)

  4. Cevd- I'm really excited for you, and I'm excited to see what comes of it. I want to hear more about this no-more-lame-duck thing. Also, it's not like you don't use your art school cred.

    ESB- I think we can agree that you currently use english ;) So you're good.