04 February 2009

ok that is it ... i give in

i am going to re-learn how to use my sewing machine. i am. it is currently sitting under the stairs ... in the dark ... just waiting for someone to love it again. well i have officially had it with seeing people create all sorts of cute and wonderful things and then wishing i could do the same. i can, and i will. starting with some built by wendy patterns and the mercy of someone who will teach me for the millionth time how to thread the needle and use the bobbin.

thanks darling dexter for the last push ").


  1. Just do it! I think I had to look up the instructions for threading my machine every time I used it for months. I might actually have it down now.
    And I have some of those patterns that are just begging me to sew them.

  2. I taught myself to sew using "sew u" from built by wendy. Literally. No classes or instruction from anyone. One late night about 11pm, I stayed up until 5am reading that book and watching a couple online tutorials, and I was set. Also, everytime my hubby and I go to the bookstore, I make it a point to pick up a random sewing book and learn at least 1 new sewing skill. ;) It helps to know a couple good seamstresses - and I pick their brains if I'm totally stumped. Good luck!!! I know you'll be able to make beautiful things!

  3. another great place for cool patterns is http://www.burdastyle.com/.
    you can print the patterns from home!
    but i will say i think they are euro patters, you don't follow them in quite the same way as u.s. versions.

  4. oof--that swing jacket is killing me! i have several built by wendy patterns from seasons past but have yet to actually SEW any of them, i think because i have a hard time tracking down fabric that i really love. maybe it's time to renew the search and get down to biznatch!