03 February 2009

i love this love

it came to my attention about a week ago that there is a good chance i lost a necklace my dad gave me for christmas my sophomore year of high school. mas swears he has seen me wear it since our move last spring but i have been racking my brain trying to remember where and then rummaging through my drawers in an attempt to find out what i did with it. it will break my heart if i don't find it. i mean i wore it for 7 years without taking it off once.

ANYWAY the reason i went looking for it was because i had an urge to wear something pretty, small, delicate and gold. and while i continue to tear the house apart in search for my necklace i will allow myself to enjoy the sight of this one. isn't it pretty and small and delicate and gold?

{joie de vie necklace found on myra's neck}


  1. I made a necklace for myself just like this and now I am seeing them EVERYWHERE! This might be the prettiest version of it I've seen though.

  2. So sweet. And don't totally freak out yet. I had this exact thing happen to me, with a gold necklace my dad had purchased for me when I was a baby and gifted to me when I turned 16. I finally found it tucked into a blush container, underneath the brush where I had put it for safety's sake during the move. It was so safe that it took me months to find it.

  3. OOoh... I recognize that neck. ;)
    I recently came across your blog, but I feel like a stalker! I saw your gorgeous wedding photos on a few other blogs and loved your paper products/official website and somehow didn't connect the two until recently. You were the most stylish and lovely bride! That shrug was to die for. I also saw a previous post on Elizabeth Dye. Don't you just love that cupcake dress? Strange coincidence, but I just met the bride when she was going in for her fitting for that exact dress. Small world! Anyhow- so happy to have found you! -Myra

  4. maybe we should all have matching necklaces? but it wouldn't be dorky, cause we don't live [most of us :) ] in the same city?

    also. i, uh, sort of tagged you.

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  6. I see that you're looking for jewelr...you should check out Primp My Bride Sweepstakes

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  7. i know this sounds weird, but can you check yours jean pockets? for me? all of them. I'll tell you why later.


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  9. it's so crazy how small blogging circles are! nole just told how she found out about my "love" necklace which is on it's way to her right now! keep looking i'm sure you'll find your treasured necklace! =)

    thanks for the honorable mention!