12 April 2012

getting there // living room.

so, tuesdays will be for nails, and thursdays for house!  watch out, consistency, here i come?  we'll see about that.

onto house.  as you know, or do you?  about 10 months ago (holy jesus) we bought a little row house in dc.  it smelled of cigaretts and mold.  everything we touched magically turned to dust.  it was and still is a real fixer upper, though not total shit hole, i'm only being slightly dramatic when i speak of it.

we're slow with projects.  mostly because we have to save the money for the project first and figure out how to diy things like electrical (not the best idea) and painting (i'm a pro, no really i am) second.  but we are getting there, i think i've mentioned that.

and now, without any styling and a whole lot of crap ... sorry guys that is just the way we roll these days ... here are some befores and nows.  i'm not going to say afters because as you can see we still don't have the furniture figured out and there is a massive construction project that is going to be taking place in the next few weeks (see below for more on that)!!!!


this is what it looked like the day after we closed.  what nice light, and a real wood burning fireplace!!  but the carpet was rank (hello chain smoker and pet pisser) and the walls were red.  i really don't understand red walls, but to each their own, i guess.  check out that moulding!  isn't it fantastic?

the real proof of the cigarettes is above, i mean visual proof, had you been standing where i was while taking this photo, you would be coughing.  but that streaky funk that you can see in the upper spots of the book shelves, yeah that's nicotine.  we scrubbed that grossness off, it only took some tsp and about four hours. 


ahhhh, now look at it.  no couch, we're still figuring that one out, but WOOD FLOORS, GREY WALLS, WHITE TRIM, MOST FAVORITE CHAIR EVER (the one in the background, that is, the big white one is too big for the space and so it's being banished to the bedroom).  as for the coffee table? i don't know where it's going, but it ain't staying there.  also i convinced mas to let me take those shutters down.  i know, i know, you love them, right?  yeah so did he.  but you know what?  they are impractical and big and noisy and frankly, they are ughly.  i'm sorry if you can't see that, we don't all have good taste.

ohhhhh, white bookshelf!!!  isn't it so much better?  yeah i know.  and good thing because that bitch was a bitch to paint.  have i ever told you that super shiny trim paint is my most hated foe?  seriously such a pain in the ass.  but wait, what is that on the left you say?  the original scummy nicotine laced bookshelf??  why yes, yes it is, you are totally right.  but, wait for it .....

in approximately six weeks it will be a window, a big one, and it will be awesome.  which means - we bit the bullet and bought windows.  well, signed a contract and put a deposit down.  i didn't tell you this before, but our current windows are plexi-glass (i kid you not) and are falling into the storms.  our electric bill in the summer is stupid and so is our gas bill in the winter.  here's hoping this will help.  either way it will be awesome.  i'm such a nut for nice windows (WHO AM I?).

so, it's coming along this little house of ours, and you'll be happy to know that we have had people over.  and we are again having people over.  last time there was that chair and a half to sit on though, this time that's in the basement.  maybe i'll purchase some floor pillows.  or maybe, we'll have a fire and sit outside after dinner.  that sounds lovely.


  1. OH! I'm so happy you shared this with us. I know how frustrating it is to purchase a home and then not immediately have it exactly how you'd like for it to be. (There were red walls in the little yellow house, too, to be certain. And they made me feel so very stressed out.)

    It looks amazing. Can't wait to hopefully see it in May! Nice choice with the paint, too. Looks good. And thank GOD you took down those shutters.

  2. wow, it looks so good!!! thanks for sharing!

  3. oh my god. plexiglass windows. also, this makes me so happy that i don't smoke.

    nice work, kids!

    p.s. - why is chair and a half in the basement? i'm currently coveting one after spending a good half hour sitting in one at the store. so comfy! do they not hold up at home?

  4. @ naurnie, i knew you had good taste!

    @ rachel, the chair and a half is in the basement because the dimensions are silly for our living room, it's practically square it's so deep and just doesn't work. we have a studio apt in the basement - excuse me - ground floor and it's living there for friends to enjoy. but as far as we can tell it's super durable, and you're right, oh so comfy. three year cushion replacement plan too, so you know even if you wear it hard, they'll replace.

  5. It looks so good!!!!! I can't wait to see the rest. And yeah, shutters are nice. To look at. Sometimes. But that's it.

  6. can i just say that one of the VERY FIRST things i take note of when we look at a new house is the WINDOWS. joe gets SO FRUSTRATED with me because nine times out of ten, i'm like, "those windows have got to go". they're such a huge fucking deal, aren't they? bad windows can RUIN a house.

    it's looking amazing, c! i'm truly blown away.