09 April 2012


the past weekend was a bit less than stellar.  i mean, we got stuff done, like the floor and trim of our basement!! and there was the marathon cooking of lasagna/tons of bolognese that will keep us fed for the next few weeks.   but there was also the car accident that has left us carless for the next month*, the opening and assembling of a bed from ikea that is missing the mid-beam rendering it completely useless (did i mention we have no car for the next month and ikea is FAR?), the cancellation of a brunch reservation that took me A MONTH TO GET (again, no car = no trip to baltimore for one of the most popular brunch spots around, their dinner is delish, have you locals been?), and the general moping-ness that sometimes just happens.  so all in all it's left me very excited about this monday.  it's a new day, a new week, and a new start.  because sometimes you just need a fucking new start.  also leftover lasagna.  what is better than leftover lasagna??

*we very nearly just ditched the prius for a this (TDI, of course), which we've been thinking about past year, but we're apparently so specific we'd have to have it ordered which would take four months and really, maybe, we'd rather throw that money elsewhere .... like on tearing out that kitchen wall and turning it into giant glass sliding doors??


  1. Huge bummer about the accident and the Ikea mishap. I hope the lasagna makes up for it!


    also, car accident?! what is WRONG with LIFE as of late?

  3. IKEA screwed me too! That damn Skorva midbeam! It seems almost purposefully deceptive -- especially for a company that has the appearance of meticulously organizing everything.