24 April 2012

nailed it no. 3

marbling.  this one is tricky.  super tricky ... or i am an idiot, it really could go either way.  anyway i'm going to try it again, but for now here it goes.  if you have better luck or come across any secrets, etc do let me know.

first, start with a base coat. i went dark, this cooler weather has had me wanting darker, less sorbet colored finger tips.  

second, take a few colors of polish and a glass that is full of water.  drop a couple drops of polish onto the surface of the water and manipulate the dots until you get your marble design of choice.  

third, gently dip your nail into the water, just so it skims the surface.  remove, again, gently.  the polish will string off of surface and onto your nail, so be careful.  it helps to flatten that excess and then just not worry about it. 

fourth, repeat steps - first through third - until you've marbled as many fingers as you'd like.  

fifth, top coat.  you know the drill.  finally go around and clean up all of the extra polish that will no doubt be all over your fingers.

then, sixth, once you get it down, email me your secrets so my future tries aren't as lame.


  1. Whoa, what a brilliant idea :)

  2. Wow! This is both intense... and intensely awesome... bravo

  3. Instead of dipping the nail facing down, try putting it face up in the water and up towards to polish.