26 April 2012

getting there // seating

yes, yes, yes i'm still talking about what in the world we are going to sit on in our living room, and for now, we've figured it out.

you see, a few weeks ago i came across the jason wu + canvas collection.

that couch?  we need it.  that bench, another need.  they are perfect.  beyond perfect actually, they are everything i've dreamed of.

they need to be in our living room across from one and other with our soon to be awesome reclaimed wood coffee table.  but, our budget right now for anything, let alone living room furniture v.5 doesn't add up to seven thousand dollars.  if it was even close i'd jump on these bad boys in a heart beat, but alas, we've decided to go a different route, one we can AFFORD.  one that gets a couch into the living room and doesn't look stupid.

but man, do i want that jason wu furniture, and i mean BAD.

so, here we go west elm.  it's the elton settee and it's fine.  it's actually better than fine, it's pretty damn good.

though i do have a few gripes about the whole buying and receiving of west elm goods.  there was one friendly person along the way and everyone else was kind of rude.  also, the additional fifty dollars for removal of a cardboard box and styrofoam ... lame.  and should i really complain about this?  i'm not sure, it's kind of pathetic, but i had to put it together.  i paid more for delivery of this small couch than i did for every bit of furniture we've nabbed from crate & barrel and that all came from friendly men and completely assembled.  don't think i'm afraid of assembly, i'm not, half of our house is from ikea, i.e assembled ourselves, but the whole lack of customer service at every step was relatively annoying.  i guess it was perhaps the final straw.

so now we have a place to sit that isn't totally wrong for the room, and actually looks pretty decent with my favorite chair (which apparently we can no longer order, which sucks cause we need a second).  now we just have to get the new window and rid ourselves oft he eighteen bajillion paint cans hanging out near the fireplace and we'll be ready to go. 


  1. Damn.... that Jason Wu stuff is GORGEOUS. But the West Elm settee is fantastic.

  2. Where is your wood coffee table? Please share photo of the same. I love your couch & bench. xo
    ~ Herman Swan