10 April 2012

nailed it no.1

remember way back when, that time i put glitter on my nails?  well despite the fact that i posted that ages ago, i've decided to run with the idea now.  a weekly nail how-to if you will.  i mean, i'm still painting my nails every 3-5 days and every once in a while i love them.  so i'm starting the series today, and with a massive nail project nevertheless.
ok, it's not THAT massive, but it looks it.  in fact it requires very little stuff (if you don't count the number of nail colors) and just a bit more patience.

what you need - a paper clip, some tape (i used washi as it is all i have readily available, but scotch works too) and nail polish.
what you do - paint your nails with a base color as you would ... finish them with a top coat and let dry. you guys, this is the only top coat i use ... THE ONLY ONE.  and i love it.  after your nails are dry take the tape and tape 'em off as illustrated above.  or use the end of a paper clip dipped into a dollop of polish to go the dot route.  then re-coat with the super shiny top coat, let dry and instagram them ... we can be samesies, wouldn't that be fun?


  1. this looks really complicated

  2. (but i quite enjoy the graphics)

  3. you paint YOUR OWN nails? i find that to be one of the top 5 most impressive skills a person can have.

  4. So pretty! I did my own (less pretty...) version and posted about it here: http://bloggingforya.blogspot.com/2012/04/wrap-up-fancy-nails-edition.html

  5. This is a game changer! I am fully addicted to
    these nail stamps. They are so easy, and my previous capabilities have been little more than being able to paint my nails. This is one of a million videos for this system. If you like the look of it the Monster Bundle 25 pack on Amazon has the best designs