11 April 2012


i would like to be better about purchasing lovely, delicate and versatile pieces.  not that my plaid button downs and jeans aren't wonderful, but i just think they might be a touch casual for my everyday life.  i'd really like to be able to nail the casual look that borders the line of sophisticated (which is asking a lot, i know).  basically i need to give a shit more often ... or at least look like i do.

shirt // shorts // tank // shirt

all from the french line oysho, of course, the french always do it well.


  1. That's one of my goals! It's getting way too effing hot for jeans + plaid, so I'm forcing myself to actually wear my summer dresses & skirts. Kind of a 2 birds 1 stone thing, I guess.

    And those are amazing.

  2. I'm working on this. My current strategy is to focus on the tops only, since I have an okay amount of skinny jeans that could be paired with delicate silk tunic-y things.

    Love all of these.