20 April 2012

my week.

there was a neon belt and gingham shorts, also gold boat shoes and a chambray shirt ... hello prep.

the viewing of a shuttle being shuttled to it's new forever home by way of a 747.

there was frances sleeping on the chair, putting her dirty paws where they don't belong.

there was the massive blooming of one of our very old and established rose bushes.  anxiously waiting for the other two to follow suit.

and there was a delivery of eggs.  ever since we signed up for our green grocer delivery we've received a dozen of these a week, until last week, when there was a shortage.  it was one of the saddest weeks.

and then there is the weekend.  we've a couple of friends coming to town and are planning on another million calorie weekend (will tourist season please be OVER, i'm eating way too much).  there will also be live tapings of jeopardy, watched by us.  oh and the destruction of a bookshelf ... you know to make way for a new window.  what are you up to?  


  1. I love getting fresh eggs! My neighbor has hens so it is so nice to buy them from someone around the corner!

  2. Those shoes are the best, they can definitely look good with any attire.