27 April 2012

my week.

i'm one of those people who would happily shell out eight dollars for a small box of granola.  it's one of my most favorite things in the world.  but then, i realized, it was stupid to pay eight dollars for eight oz. of granola and instead i've started to make my own.  with olive oil and maple syrup and pretty much anything we have sitting in our pantry.  it's delicious and we eat it by the pound now, not the ounce.

frances finally got over being scared of the new piece of furniture in the house and now is busy making it filthy.  i've covered it in a ridiculous number of blankets to keep her paws, and her mouth, off of the very light upholstery.  so far it's working.

and then, that's about all that happened this week.  it was pretty blah.  there was some rain, a little bit of cool weather, and a whole lot reading.  today i'm planning on spending some hours looking at art.  it's been too long.  also, maybe the prius will be done?  i'm feeling trapped these days without a car.  honestly, you people who live in a city that is not new york and don't have a car, how do you do it?!  it's not been super hard, and i've totally taken advantage of the new little smart cars scattered about town, but it's seems silly to pay for a morning jaunt to target to just look around and maybe pick up some toilet paper.

this weekend i'm purging our house.  we have too much crap.  it's ridiculous there is stuff everywhere.  also i think i might make some corn cookies, because it's been too long.  and mop the floor. i've yet to mop all of the floors since we moved in ... ten months ago.  yikes.


  1. i discovered the whole "make my own granola" phenomenon months ago. i've yet to actually make it myself, though. the last time our floors were mopped was by my mom when cheech was two weeks old. i really need to get my shit together.