17 April 2012

nailed it no. 2

FADING COLOR!!!  ok, so these might just be my favorite nails to date, as in ever.  i stole the idea from the beauty department and simplified.  i fully appreciate the fact that they own so many different nail colors, and their addition of water kind of makes sense after trying these myself, but totally unescessary.  really, the following is all you need :

2 colors of nail polish, or,  you could just go with 1 i guess and have it fade into clear ...
1 make up sponge.

1.  take the makeup sponge and paint a line of each color.  make 'em wider than you think your thumb nail is and don't forget, they should be overlapping ... this is messy, but TOTALLY worth it.  i started with dark, brushed it twice, then two brushes of light and then i alternated light over dark a few times ... you know to get a blend.  i did not wet my sponge and i did not test on paper first, but if you'd like you can.

2.  roll the sponge from left to right over your nail, once, twice and a third time.  voila.  fancy ass nails.  cover with two top coats (this is important these nails are uber textured and look weird if you don't go crazy with the top coat). an aside, i had to reload my sponge every third nail or so and then did one final fresh roll over each, well minus one of my pinkies, because it totally didn't need it.

3.  with a q-tip and polish remover, remove all of the polish on your skin.  there will be a lot, but again, totally worth it.  another thing i do is wait a couple of hours and wash your hair (or do the dishes).  this takes the excess polish off of my skin/cuticles in no time.  also, less of a risk in hitting your freshly painted nails with acetone.  but i tend to have to wait at least two hours before dipping in hot water in order for my polish not to shrink up on me.  what is that?


  1. This is such a fun look. I think I might need to try this one.

  2. may i formally request a *galaxy* nail tutorial!?

  3. I want fancy ass nails. gotta try. hear, hear to H.H.'s request :)

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