30 March 2009

turns out i might want to be a writer

or actually i think i might rather be an editor (one with no proof reading responsibilities ... i can dream can't i?) but that hardly matters at this point. have you guys heard of this new little beta venture out there called magcloud? it is fantastic really. a few years ago while sitting in a bar in chicago mas and i along with a couple of friends decided that we needed to get our sh*t together and make a magazine. there were four of us there and we have totally different interests, but we kinda thought that the mixing and matching of subjects might be interesting ...

well, the other two seem to be just as busy as mas and i are these days so maybe our publishing dreams won't exactly come to fruition, but yours can. for no set-up cost and a *maybe* reasonable $0.20 per page (only charged when you actually buy the magazine) you can write, edit, and publish your own glossy. i am intrigued. for more info head here.

{originally found here and photo found here}