10 March 2009

say hello to my new friend.

my new BEST friend/worst enemy in fact. i have officially been signed up to participate in what i consider insanity, but my mother in law and husband promise to be a blast. hmmm ... i don't know. for a girl that had literally not been on ANY kind of bike in a good year and a half i found it a curious endeavor. but never-the-less i will be spending a week on a bike with my mother in law riding up and down the rocky mountains in june (see the ride the rockies website here).

last weekend was spent in a whirlwind of research, running around town(s), and riding bikes. after three days and about 100 bicycles i finally found the one. and i mean it. this one is THE one. i love it. i went for my first ride on sunday (14 miles, hello sore bottom) and then went on a shorter but much steeper ride yesterday. i gotta say i kinda love it. i know it has only been two days and i am probobly still high from the new bike fumes emanating from my house ... however i kinda can't believe i haven't done this before. i mean i don't want to kill myself when the going gets hard like i do with running and you get to spend a lot of time outdoors while seeing a lot of pretty scenery. but the clothes are silly and the gear expensive, and oh yeah i know nobody who road bikes. that is until now. so wish me and njw (my mother in law) luck as this is going to be quite a trip.

ps - my bike needs a name ... ideas?


  1. Good luck! I live in Steamboat and bought a road bike last year. I fell in love with it when I did the Danskin triathlon two years ago and finally broke down and bought one!

  2. oooh orbea. lucky! they make amazing bikes. you are making me want a new road bike. bad.

    just spend time in the saddle (as they say), it's the only way to get used to the sore butt issue!

    if i lived closer i would totally go on rides with you! at least you have beautiful rides in your part of the state.

  3. I ride a road bike, does that count? Sore butts don't last. XO

  4. so i guess we need to have a biking extravaganza down south? is that what you two are trying to say? because honestly that would be lovely.

  5. i'm so jealous! i need a road bike for triathlon this spring/summer. eek!! you've got me in the mood to go looking.