20 March 2009

my love for the japanese transcends office supplies

i told you i don't know what i would do if we lived in japan ...

though that thought now applies to vancouver. i haven't ever been to canada but i am guessing the second i step foot in vancouver i am going to hit my forehead with my palm and have one of those, oh my what have i been doing all of my life moments.

{shirt by japanese brand chimala found on the lark blog, hence the vancouver reference)


  1. i LOVE vancouver. in fact, we were *just* talking this morning about vancouver. we would move there if it weren't so cold...

    it's a super cute, very european-feeling city & unlike the US, they have universal HEALTH CARE! {i guess their taxpayers don't bail out big companies, they take care of their citizens...wow, i digress, sorry...}

  2. i've had the same thoughts about vancouver of late. specifically, some awesome looking bakeries.

  3. Vancouver is awesome. Rainrainrain, but such great food. And super cool little indie boutiques.