04 March 2009

in house happenings

good morning. it is rainy and kinda cozy here this morning so it makes for a good day to get my ducks in a row. for example did you notice the new banner? isn't it fantastic? it was created by the ever so lovey and wonderful jenna hein.

also i am trying out a new invitation process over on etsy. print your own invites. you can head over to the shop to see the designs up close, but basically the way it works is :

1. you pick your design and place your order.
2. we chat about what you want your invites to say and what colors you fancy
3. i email your print ready files and step-by-step instructions (and paper recommendations if you are interested) and then you print them off at home.

easy as pie.

{and thanks meg! - i can't believe this didn't mention this before, i'm an a*hole. meg is mostly responsible for this idea, but i am pretty sure that doesn't surprise anyone out there}


  1. Oooh brilliant.

    And the banner is lovely. I thought maybe I was late noticing it yesterday, and felt embarrassed that I hadn't noticed it sooner, but I DID notice it. And love it. Yay.

  2. Such a genius idea! I love your yellow and gray design, naturally. I think you'll find a huge market for this.

  3. This is such a great idea. I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to post this on my blog. I'm doing a paper week this week and this is perfect!

  4. hooray for you three liking this idea! and yes kate if you would like to post about this project i would be so honored.

  5. Good job girlfriend! Glad someone is finally running with this. I'll post it soon soon.

  6. really meg ... i don't think i would have gone there if it wasn't for you so thank you!

  7. CUTE! and such a good idea. it's amazing what you can do with a decent inkjet printer.

    and you know we love jenna, obv.

  8. jenna is such a talent. and i love those invites, especially the one with the trees...